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March 28, 2023

Fisher’s Restaurant is up for sale as owner focuses on teaching, family

Mike Fisher has put his namesake restaurant up for sale while he explores various options for the establishment’s future.

He told San Benito Live with his recent move into education and a baby on the way, he’s looking to explore options for a sale of Fisher’s Restaurant, 650 San Benito St. in downtown Hollister. That could include a variety of possibilities, even a partnership if a prospective buyer is willing, while the business is listed at $175,000.

“The big deal is that now that I have a tremendous opportunity in education and I feel like my restaurant or any restaurant won’t really grow without more of a labor force, a labor pool in the town,” Fisher said. “That’s what I’m trying to improve.”

Fisher in the fall took a job as a culinary teacher at San Benito High School. He opened the restaurant in March 2015.

“I want to focus most of my time on education,” he said. “Also, my wife is pregnant and due in September.”

He put the business up for sale a couple weeks ago through Nino Real Estate agent Jackie McAbee.

He said he is open to like-minded business owners or restauranteurs in the region who “know what they’re doing in the industry” and would consider a partnership as well. He is open to staying on as a chef in some capacity, too.

He said he put it up for sale to get that conversation started.

“I’m actively searching for a majority owner or a full owner that will honor and keep the terrific staff that I already have and will continue to basically honor what we have going on over here at the school,” Fisher said, referring to San Benito High’s efforts to train people in the culinary industry.

Photo courtesy of the San Benito County Arts Council

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