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San Benito
July 15, 2024

Equipment break causes minor water damage at courthouse

Malfunctioning water equipment caused minor damage at the San Benito County Courthouse on Wednesday evening, but responders were quick to address it and minimize the problem.

“I only know it as a malfunctioning coil,” said Gil Solorio, court executive officer in San Benito County. “It basically pierced, if you will, and released water.”

He went on to say it did a “little bit of damage” and was located in the first floor ceiling in the clerk’s area of the relatively building, which opened four years ago with a $30 million-plus cost.

Solorio said it’s a good thing the janitorial staff with consultants UBS Janitors noticed the problem around 6 p.m. Wednesday and made the appropriate calls.

“They were the initial respondents. They made the initial assessment that something was wrong,” Solorio said.

Solorio thanked the sheriff’s office and fire department for their prompt responses as well.

“We thank them profusely,” he said.

He mentioned that maintenance crews with Enovity worked overnight to clean up the damage.

-Kollin Kosmicki