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March 27, 2023

Elections office checking last 900 ballots

The elections office has about 900 unprocessed ballots left to count, but all of those might not be counted due to voting issues.
“These are the challenged vote-by-mails that are being checked, which means we’re validating the ballots with the voters,” said Deputy County Clerk Angela Curro.
Those ballots are either missing a signature, have an address issue, or the signature doesn’t properly match the ballot, she said. Curro said the elections office has reached out to all of those voters, who have until Wednesday to reply. The 900 ballots also includes about 200 provisions.
“Each one of those takes quite a bit of time,” she said, noting how the office has to make sure those voters didn’t vote in another county.
Overall, the elections office hopes to finish the final counts by Wednesday and release another vote total. The most recent one came out Friday after the office counted more than 2,000 more ballots. So far, there have been 19,704 ballots counted among a total registration of 30,162 voters. If all 900 ballots were to count, the turnout would end up at over 68 percent.
Curro said she expects the final turnout number to be 67 percent or 68 percent.
Otherwise, the elections office must go through an audit of the election before the Dec. 7 certification deadline. Curro hopes to have a statement of the vote prepared by the end of next week, she said.
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