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September 27, 2023

Election: Loe, Hernandez ready for District 3 runoff

As the elections office finishes counting ballots, Pat Loe and Peter Hernandez are preparing to move on to a runoff in the race for District 3 county supervisor.

Loe, the former two-term supervisor in the district, gained the most votes on preliminary results released by the elections office with 41.6 percent of the vote and 816 votes. Hernandez, a Hollister School District trustee, had 35.6 percent and 697 votes. Richard Perez, a Hollister parks and recreation commissioner, had 22.8 percent and 447 votes.

That’s according to unofficial election results with just 390 unprocessed ballots left to county throughout the county, where there had been more than 12,000 ballots cast.

Loe reacted after her big election night by thanking voters and was realistic the day that she’s looking at a November runoff.

“It’s been a tremendous experience being out there and talking with the people again, and I look forward to doing it again in the fall,” she said.

She talked issues briefly as well.

“I feel Highway 25 is the most important issue on people’s minds right now,” Loe said, adding how she’ll start working on that immediately.

Hernandez underscored how everyone had to work hard to earn their votes.

“I know that the people I received support from put a lot of confidence in me,” Hernandez said. “It showed at the polls.”

He said he’ll work harder going into November. He mentioned how he entered the primary late.

“I feel like I have a little bit better chance,” he said of the general election.