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June 2, 2023

Election 2018: Richman says he has answers to big problems

Marty Richman wants to remind voters how he has a regular presence at Hollister City Hall and a history of writing on local government matters.
Richman, retired from a career in the military and as an engineer, interviewed with San Benito Live about his run against opponent Salvador Mora on the Nov. 6 ballot. They are vying to represent the district on Hollister’s southeast side.
“I’m standing here in front of city hall, which I come to visit often and I write about often to keep the public informed of what’s going on in Hollister,” Richman said. “I’m a good candidate because I love living in Hollister. I’ve been here 22 years, and I think most of the people who live here love living in Hollister. Like everywhere it has some problems, and I just want to make it better.”
Richman said he was motivated to run because he believes he has “some really good ideas to handle our biggest problems, which are traffic congestion and other things.”
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“I believe it’s hard work,” he said. “There’s a lot to do. I have the time to do it. I have the will to do it. I have the energy to do it, and I believe my answers to these problems will help us get a better place to live.”
He went on regarding top issues: “Well, the top issues, I think for me and everyone else, is the traffic congestion is one of the issues. The other issue is how to do growth and development without changing the character of the town we love. If we love the town, then we love its character. But we have to grow somewhat, and so we have to figure out a strategy.”
He said that doesn’t just merely mean a “nose count” with growth.
“How do we get the development we need that puts in the infrastructure that we demand?” he said.
He said two other important issues are working with the hospital to ensure its stability and improving staff work through staff development, “so the people who are on the council get better choices.”
As for goals, he said he wants to put in programs rather than going “week to week and month to month making decisions that only fix things for a week or a month.”
“I think we have to look forward and we have to put in policies and programs that will take care of these in the future because the future’s coming whether we like it or not.”

Candidate Information

Name: Marty Richman
Occupation: Retired from military/engineering career
More: https://www.facebook.com/Marty-Richman-for-Hollister-City-Council