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March 27, 2023

Election 2018: Mora sees ‘divide’ in city

Salvador Mora said prior to switching careers and becoming a mortgage broker, he worked with troubled youths during his 16 years as a juvenile corrections officer in Santa Clara County. He also has coached football and wrestling at the high school and junior college levels.
“So being able to work with people from different backgrounds and take the time to listen, and figure out how to help people, that’s pretty much been my whole career,” Mora said in an interview with San Benito Live.
Mora is running against Marty Richman for the open District 4 seat on the Hollister City Council being vacated by Jim Gillio, who is running for county supervisor.
He said he was motivated to run by the financial scandal involving San Benito Office of Education Board Member Mitchell Dabo.
“Honestly, it’s the whole school board issue with Dabo, seeing how there was potential corruption and nothing being done about it,” Mora said.
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He said he actually went to the registrar’s office to pull paperwork and start a recall campaign, but was told Dabo’s term was going to end shortly and it’s “really not worth it.”
“They were the experts so I took their advice,” Mora said. “He didn’t resign, which was very disappointing. So it kind of motivated me to get involved.”
He said he thought his experience in law enforcement and as a union representative gave him leadership skills necessary for the job.
“I can look at all the information and make my own opinion, and come up with my own decision,” Mora said.
He said growth and traffic are his two big issues.
“When I was talking the district to get my signatures, almost everyone was talking about how we need to slow down the growth,” he said. “A lot of people agree with some growth, but it needs to be controlled.”
From a broader perspective, he said he wants to help unify the community.
“Right now, it feels like there’s a divide,” he said. “Not to put blame on any specific person, but it seems like it’s more of a political show. That’s the one side of politics I do not like.”

Candidate Information

Name: Salvador Mora
Occupation: Mortgage broker
More: https://www.facebook.com/morafordistrict4/