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May 25, 2024

Election 2018: Measure approval sets stage for SJB cannabis businesses

San Juan Bautista set the stage for allowing cannabis businesses, including dispensary activity, with overwhelming approval of Measure I on Tuesday’s ballot.
In San Juan, 65.87% of voters approved it, while 34.13% were against the measure needing more than a 50% approval. There are still about 45 percent of countywide ballots yet to count, but the margin appears insurmountable at this point for the cannabis tax measure. There have been 274 voters in favor of it to 142 voters against it, according to the most recent tally.
The cannabis business tax lays out levy amounts for various types of cannabis businesses, including dispensaries.
According to the measure, it would levy an an “indefinite tax upon cannabis business activities based on square footage: $3-$12 per foot., increased annually based on Consumer Price Index; on distributors: 0.5%-8%; on manufacturers: 2%-8%; on retailers: 3%-10%; on testing laboratories: 1%-5%; and, on microbusiness: 2%-8%; which revenue can be spent for unrestricted general revenue purposes and may raise $935,000 annually.”
The tax approval comes after San Benito County voters in June approved of a similar measure.


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