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Election 2018: Mayoral candidate Snow says ‘stop wasting taxpayer money’

Keith Snow is running for the City of Hollister mayor for a fourth time against the incumbent and another challenger.

Snow is a retired engineer-foreman. He owned a company and calls himself business oriented.

“So I’m very successful,” he said.

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He said the city has a lack of good projects, wastes taxpayer dollars and should be more self-sustaining with the budget. He’d like to see better streets and for the people to have more of a voice.

“I’ll make sure they have a voice and watch the whole budget to be balanced better,” he said.

Snow is running against incumbent Mayor Ignacio Velazquez and fellow challenger Gordon Machado.

He said the city needs better leadership. He said he wants to maintain the growth here. He also said he wants to hear from businesses that have folded and mentioned how Hollister has too much crime.

“We need crime prevention,” Snow said. “We need higher education for our kids. Do things for kids so they have a career.”

Snow said he will work to get the council on the same page.

“Lately, they’re not on the same page,” he said.

His top goal is to make the city’s operations run with fairness and accuracy.

“Make sure all the departments run efficiently,” he said, “and stop wasting taxpayer money.”

He said voters should look at his ideas on his Facebook page and called himself a people person.

“I’d be a great mayor for our city,” he said.

He’s motivated to run “to make a difference in our city.”

“We’re not making a difference. We’re effortless,” he said.

Snow questioned why the city hires outside companies to do work to roads as well.

“Make sure we get busy and help the taxpayers,” he said.

Candidate Info

Candidate: Keith Snow

Occupation: Retired businessman

Political experience: None

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