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March 30, 2023

Election 2018: How did locals vote on state matters?

How did local residents vote on state issues like the governor’s race and propositions like the proposed repeal of the gas tax, which failed?
Here’s a breakdown of the current numbers in San Benito County:
In the governor’s race, Gavian Newsom gained 53.44% of the local vote to 46.56% for John Cox.
In the race for lieutenant governor, Eleni Kounalakis gained 58.10% of the local vote to 41.90% for Ed Hernandez.
For secretary of state, Alex Padilla had 57.25% to 42.75% for Mark Meuser.
In the controller race, Betty Yee had 59.93% to 40.07% for Konstantinos Roditis.
In the treasurer race, Fiona Ma had 56.82% to 43.18% for Greg Conlon.
For attorney general, Xavier Becerra had 55.97% to 44.03% for Steven Bailey.
For U.S. Senate, Kevin de Leon had 53.46% to 46.54% for Diane Feinstein.
For Congress, Jimmy Panette had 69.19% to 30.81% for Ronald Kabat.
Locally, Anna Caballero had 52.31% to 47.69% for Rob Poythress.
For State Assembly, Robert Rivas had 59.06% to 40.94% for Neil Kitchens.
In the state schools superintendent race, Marshall Tuck had 54.46% to 45.54% for Tony Thurmond.


1: 54.50% No
2: 52.84% Yes
3: 50.58% No
4: 55.23% Yes
5: 56.10% No
6: 55.57% No
7: 57.02% Yes
8: 62.96% No
10: 66.64% No
11: 59.04% Yes
12: 52.79% Yes