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October 3, 2023

District names staff, students of the week

Courtesy of the Hollister School District:

The following are staff and students of the week from Ladd Lane Elementary School:

NameMai Cruz Tracy Maiwald Kelly BartholfRich BaladadAlexis Bozarth

Mai Cruz is a Coordinator of Special Education for the Hollister School District.  She serves as a great support to our students, families, and staff and is truly passionate about supporting our students with special needs.  She started her career as a special education teacher, so she understands the perspective of a teacher and administrator.  Her organizational skills and professionalism make Mai a reputable administrator in the Hollister School District.  Mai truly cares about the success of all students of all abilities.  

Tracy Maiwald is a 3rd grade teacher with passion, stamina and flexibility. Although teaching distantly is not easy, Mrs. Maiwald has adjusted and taken each day in stride. She reflects on her teaching, makes adjustments and moves on because of this she has built an outstanding learning environment for her students. She is also fostering lasting relationships with her students and families. In addition to all Mrs. Maiwald’s teaching qualities she always has a positive attitude, through every bump in the road she remains positive and a problem solver, and this is what we admire most about Mrs. Maiwald! 

Kelly Bartholf is the Site Technology Specialist at Ladd Lane, her job title has taken on a whole new meaning with distance learning. She has been extremely busy making sure all our students  have what they need to participate in Distance Learning. I know her “to do” list has been quite long since March 2020 but she has handled it all with grace. She has been working tirelessly with families, staff and administration. In a newly digital school, we would be lost without Kelly Bartholf. Kelly has helped us transition to digital learning and she has been very supportive of our staff.

Boy Name: Rich Baladad

Grade: 6th

Teacher: Mrs. Wiman

Select one or more area of excellence: Rich is an AMAZING author

A few words from his teacher: “The first time “meeting” Rich over Google Meet, I knew he was a pretty spectacular student. My expectations were met when he told me one day that he had written a book last year in fifth grade! What student decides to start their journey to become an author in fifth grade? Rich is that student. His book, “ The Escapade “ and many other stories he has written and shared are beyond incredible. You can tell when reading one of his pieces that he truly writes with passion. Rich is often quiet, but when he does speak, he fills the room with meaningful words. I have found it a joy to have Rich in my class for these past three weeks and can’t wait to see how much he excels personally, in school and in his writing career.”

Girl Name: Alexis Bozarth

Grade: 5th

Teacher:  Fowles

Select one or more area of excellence: Strengths in Math and Science, Leadership

Alexis is a true leader in the classroom (both the physical and virtual classroom).  She is very kind and hardworking and she is an excellent example to others.  Both her 4th and 5th grade teachers have commended her on her strengths in math and science.  Mrs. Mateus, Alexis’ 4th grade teacher said “Alexis excels in math.  She is also a great leader, and she was a peer tutor in math.”  Alexis also received the Ladd Laned Leadership award for the 2019-2020 school year.  

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