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San Benito
April 16, 2024

Despite rainy Thursday, Hollister still has long way to normal

Although Hollister had a relatively wet Thursday, it’s a long way from catching up to the historic normal amount of rainfall for this time of year.

As of 5 p.m. Thursday, between 0.25 and 0.33 inches of rain had fallen in Hollister, National Weather Service meteorologist Anna Schneider told San Benito Live.

The wet Thursday brought the seasonal rain total for the city — from Oct. 1 to March 1 — to 4.97 inches. Schneider said that seasonal total is just 48 percent of the historic norm — for those same five months — of 10.27 inches.

The onslaught of rain today — totals generally vary throughout the county, with 0.83 inches at Pinnacles National Park on Thursday — started what’s expected to be three straight days of precipitation in the region.

“Today was the big day,” Schneider said. “It should continue to rain on and off through Saturday night.”

The low precipitation this winter comes after the historically wet rainy season a year ago when there had been 17.29 inches of rain through March 1 in Hollister.


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