56.8 F
San Benito
June 21, 2024

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Video: Warm weather leads to mild weekend temps

Adam Bell in his latest weather forecast reports how it will remain warm for a couple days before a cooling off of sorts, with...

Weather: Beautiful summer conditions in San Benito County

In his latest weather forecast, Adam Bell reports that local residents will see beautiful summer conditions over the next week. This weather report is...

Weather: Warmup to reach 90s by weekend

In his latest weather report Tuesday, Adam Bell says expect the area to warm up into the weekend, when local residents should expect temperatures...

Weather: Pleasant temperatures on tap for weekend

In his latest weather report sponsored by Ram Property Management, forecaster Adam Bell says expect pleasant temperatures for the next few days and through...

Weather: Highs mostly in 70s, overcast skies in forecast


Weather: Mild temperatures, overcast skies in the forecast

In his latest report from the front of weather sponsor Ram Property Management located at 996 San Benito St., Adam Bell says expect mild...

Weather: Heat to subside through the week

Adam Bell does his latest weather report – sponsored by Ram Property Management – and says San Benito County residents can expect more comfortable...

Weather: Mild temps, no rain in local forecast

Adam Bell did his weather forecast Wednesday morning from downtown Hollister. See what's in store over the next several days in the area by...

Weather: Beautiful conditions in San Benito County

See Adam Bell's latest weather report below: https://vimeo.com/334721490

Weather: Comfortable temps, weekend events on tap

Adam Bell does his weather report Friday for the local area. He also previews several events over the weekend in San Benito County. https://vimeo.com/334030935