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April 20, 2024

County weighs options for intersection of Fairview, Fallon

County supervisors this week examined the safety levels at the intersection of Fallon and Fairview roads and whether to invest money in the issue.
Supervisors broached the topic at the request of Supervisors Robert Rivas and Mark Medina, and top public works official John Guertin gave a presentation.
Guertin noted how there had been nine accidents in the past five years, including two fatailities, at the intersection.
He compared those statistics to some other similar intersections, noting how Shore and Frazier Lake roads had six accidents and two fatals, Wright Road and Highway 25 had seven accidents and no fatalities.
Guertin said re-configuring the intersection to make it safer would cost roughly $1.5 million to $2 million, and he pointed out it would be a priority with Measure G funds if voters approve the proposed 1 percent sales tax on the November ballot.
“That’s good to know,” said Supervisor Anthony Botelho, an outspoken campaign supporter of the 30-year tax. “Another reason to push for G.”
Guertin estimated minimal costs would include about $500,000 to reconfigure Fallon Road, $300,000 to install traffic signals, $400,000 for design work and permitting, $200,000 for land and $100,000 for utility relocation.
He said the county had applied for grants twice in the past six or seven years for the intersection work, but that the project didn’t qualify due to a lack of accidents there.
“More important, there aren’t enough fatal accidents,” Guertin said.
Speakers pointed out, meanwhile, how there seem to be a lot more accidents near the intersection even if they aren’t right in it. Nants Foley was among the public speakers at Tuesday’s meeting.
“We have a lot more traffic on that road and a lot of insane drivers on that road,” Foley said. “Sometimes driving on that road makes me insane as well.”