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March 30, 2023

County turnout looking like healthy 68 percent

The San Benito County Elections Office has just 120 unprocessed ballots to count, and turnout will end up right around a relatively high number at 68 percent, according to the office website.
Those remaining ballots are all early vote/vote-by-mail ballots, with all of the provisionals, damaged ballots and other types now counted.
The current turnout number from the elections office without the remaining ballots counted in the equation was at 67.8 percent as of the last count Wednesday evening. That’s an extraordinarily high number for a mid-term election, which can be attributed at least partially to the county’s move toward encouraging access to mail voting and a good number of high-interest races on the Nov. 6 ballot.
Deputy Clerk Angela Curro earlier in the week said the elections office was giving contacted voters until Wednesday to reply regarding questions on their ballots.
Otherwise, the elections office must go through an audit of the election before the Dec. 7 certification deadline. Curro hopes to have a statement of the vote prepared by the end of next week, she said.
Excluding the 120 leftover ballots, the county has had 20,452 ballots cast among a voter registration of 30,162.
For comparison’s sake, there were just over 14,000 ballots cast in the November 2014 election in San Benito County.
For the latest results, go here.