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June 22, 2024

Updated: County responds over district lawsuit on uncollected impact fees

San Benito County supervisors responded in a statement to San Benito Live with a statement on the lawsuit filed by the Hollister School District against the county claiming it failed to collect and disperse developer impact fees owed to the district over several years.

County Supervisor Anthony Botelho submitted the following response:

The Hollister School District has alleged that the County failed to properly calculate, collect and pay developer impact fees owing to the District.  The District has not produced evidence to substantiate those allegations.  The District has not provided the County with information regarding specific impact fees allegedly not properly collected, so that the County can fully evaluate those claims.  Time will show whether the District can substantiate any of its claims against the County.

At this time, the County believes that it correctly imposed all impact fees.  The District has not yet shown that it properly and in fact actually did, transmit the District’s impact fee rate increase to the County.  Unless it was provided to the County, the County would not know of the need to increase impact fees.  Verbally, the District has conveyed that the rate increase was allegedly dropped off to an unknown front desk employee at the County.  The District has not yet proved that the rate increase was provided to the County on the date alleged by the District, and has failed to identify the individual to whom the rate increase was allegedly dropped off, despite the request for such identification.  There is absolutely no evidence that the County acted intentionally, deceitfully, or willfully.  The County looks forward to resolving its issues with the District, if indeed, the County acted in any way improperly.

To read the initial San Benito Live story, see below:




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