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San Benito
April 14, 2024

City approves Cienega Road calming measures, stop signs near SBHS

Hollister City Council members approved several traffic-related matters at their meeting this week.
Council members Monday approved re-striping on a portion of Meridian Street, a Cienega Road traffic calming study, and new stop signs at West and B streets.
The first resolution approved a supplemental appropriation of up to $85,000 for the re-striping of Meridian between Highway 25 and Memorial Drive.
As for the Cienega Road traffic study, the council accepted bids and awarded a contract with with Golden Bay Construction for the study costing $200,000 with a $20,000 contingency.

According to the agenda, the Cienega Road Traffic Calming Project will consist of the installation of temporary measures to include flexible rubber curbs for bulb-outs and two small residential roundabouts, temporary pavers, temporary channelizes, electronic speed feedback signs, thermoplastic striping of a median and fog lines, and slurry seal.
After the temporary measures are in place for a minimum of six months, additional traffic studies will be held to evaluate the effectiveness of the temporary measures. If these measures are successful, the council will be asked to fund permanent improvements.
The stop signs will go in at the intersection at the request of San Benito High School.

The City of Hollister Engineering Division received a request from SBHS to install two stop signs at the intersection of West and B streets to make the intersection an “All-Way” stop, according to the city agenda. San Benito High School contracted with Pinnacle Traffic Engineering to analyze and prepare a report for City staff to review. This intersection is a constant source of complaints from citizens, according to the city.
All three traffic matters passed with 5-0 votes.