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San Benito
February 20, 2024

City approves artistic benches for Dunne Park

Hollister City Council members approved the Dunne Park Bench Project as part of a collaboration with the San Benito County Arts Council.
According to a staff report on the matter, the San Benito County Arts Council was awarded an Active Dunne Park Project in partnership with the City of Hollister from the Creative California Community Grant.
The report goes on:
A mural on a skate park was initially contemplated but there was not neighborhood support for a skate park. The Arts Council conducted neighborhood meetings to identify an alternative public art project. There was community support for public art benches.
Story continues below photos of approved bench proposals

The council released requests for qualifications for three distinct public art benches. The Public Art Review Committee and the Arts Council then reviewed the proposals, and selected artists to submit formal proposals.



The commission and arts council reviewed those as well using criteria in the public art review policy. The city’s management services director also reviewed them to vet any maintenance issues.
The agreement includes three benches, with expectations for a fourth bench after a budget issue is resolved.
Each bench has been commissioned for $4,000.