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May 28, 2024

Cerra Vista recognizes baby boomers who support distance learning

Courtesy of the Hollister School District:

The Covid pandemic has challenged educators and parents worldwide. The day-to-day routine of everyday life has changed dramatically. Despite the ever-evolving challenges, there have been some particularly resilient people that have stood out from the pack. These are people who have taken on the tremendous challenge of not only caring for themselves but navigating foriegn territory for the sake of others. In fact, some of these unassuming community members have found themselves smack dab on the front lines of the digital learning frontier. 

Comprising 20% of America’s population, Baby Boomers model a multitude of admirable values. This generation is known for common characteristics such as self sufficiency, pride in decision-making skills, equating authority with experience, being competitive, are optimistic, and define themselves by their jobs. It is their “job” in this day and age that we aim to recognize at Cerra Vista. At the brink of their golden years, members from this team-oriented generation find themselves looking back to help family members who have been derailed by COVID-19.  

The sudden necessity of virtual learning has entangled more people than expected. So Cerra Vista wanted to take this opportunity and recognize our grandparents that have stepped in and stepped up. Over the past 13 weeks we have seen this tremendous generation on screen supporting their students, have walked them through technical difficulties over the phone, and, when at wits end, offered an empathetic ear. Cerra Vista would like to recognize: Alicia Quezada, ReNea Wubbles, Julie Irwin, Linda Houghton, Debi Garringer, Debbie Jurvich, and Pauline Martinez Garza. Of course, these are merely a few among many unsung heroes of Cerra Vista’s distance learning. We appreciate you all. Born long before the invention of the personal computer now find themselves in a time where electronics are indispensable and the world is accessible with a few keystrokes. These grandparents provide daily support assisting in a learning environment that has never before been attempted on such a grand scale. Our lovely Grandparents have handled all of this with grace, kindness, and tenacity. For more information, please contact Superintendent Diego Ochoa at [email protected].