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Candidate Profile: Perez has ‘passion for youth’

Richard Perez pointed to his career in the high-tech industry and involvement in the local community as reasons he has a good background for the county board.
Perez, former Supervisor Pat Loe and Hollister schools Trustee Peter Hernandez are running in the June 5 primary for the District 3 county supervisor seat held by Robert Rivas, who is running for State Assembly. District 3 covers south-central Hollister.
Perez has more than two decades of experience in telecommunications, working on large and small projects. He also has volunteered as chairman of the Youth Services Committee for the Community Action Board and is also vice-chairman of the Workforce Development Board, overseeing youth services on that panel. He’s a Hollister Parks & Recreation commissioner as well.
“I think that’s what we need is to have leadership that is collaborative,” he said.
He said he’s invested in the community.
“I own a business here,” he said, referring to a travel franchise he runs. “I work closely with some of the elected officials to try and promote youth services in particular but also business development.
Motivating his run was his “commitment to our youth,” he said, along with a desire to grow the business community.
“My passion for youth has come to fruition but I need to step to the next level and help direct public policy toward that endeavor,” he said.
With issues, he’s focused on road improvements, having recreation facilities and strengthening cannabis regulations.
“With the marijuana issue being passed, I think we have to have an ordinance that supports but also protects the community from people that are going to grow it illegally or people that are going to abuse the ordinance and just do it without a permit or a license,” he said.
He also wants to make sure funding from any tax measures is spent properly.
“If [taxpayers] pass an initiative for tax dollars to be spent on roads, then it needs to be spent on roads,” he said
He said his main goal is to see quality of life rise for residents and provide “services that embrace the community.”
He mentioned being on a committee encouraging a new library.
“If you’re going to promote education, you’ve got to give the kids the tools,” he said, adding how libraries aren’t just for checking out books anymore.
He wants to give employees the option of working at home, or telecommuting if possible, for a decent wage.
“Those jobs are available in the high-tech industry, and we have to explore every option available,” he said. “So I hope to accomplish that, if not as a supervisor then as a private citizen.”
– Story by Kollin Kosmicki
Candidate Resume
Name: Richard Perez
Age: 49
Career: Owner of travel franchise
Political Experience: None but serves on community commissions
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