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March 24, 2023

Candidate Profile: Hernandez says ‘protect our community’

Peter Hernandez went from volunteering for the probation department to his current spot as a Hollister School District trustee, and now he hopes to become District 3 supervisor. He noted how he and a couple probation officers started the Juvenile Review Board.
“I found myself being really engaged,” he said. “We had some awesome results, and it inspired me.”
He pursued the school board to better understand the “governing aspect of things.”
“That definitely has given me a more well-rounded understanding of what that means and how it applies,” he said. “Now as a businessman, I definitely feel like I’ve come full circle because obviously there are economics to every governing body.”
Hernandez, former Supervisor Pat Loe and Hollister Parks & Recreation Commissioner Richard Perez are running in the June 5 primary for the District 3 county supervisor seat held by Robert Rivas, who is vying for State Assembly. District 3 covers south-central Hollister.
His motive to run for supervisor is fairly simple.
“I love my community,” he said. “I believe that to a certain extent that when you consider the value of a community, it all depends on the involvement of the people that live here.”
Hernandez wants to do what’s possible to protect the community’s identity and the “beauty of what we have,” but he also wants to take advantage of the larger populations to the north and south of San Benito County.
As part of his vision to emphasize the “uniqueness” of this county, Hernandez said growth is a major issue.
“We want to grow in a way that we protect our community and we enhance the family identity and the uniqueness of who we are and even the uniqueness of our backyard, which I consider Pinnacles (National Park) and Hollister Hills and the wine trail.”
With such a large county, there’s “huge potential,” he said.
“We have to focus on what kind of growth we’re going to have so we make sure to protect who we are for future generations,” he said, “and it is about our kids. As a father, I’d love to think that I played part in being part of creating a community that my kids would love to live here when they grow older and have their own children and raise their own children here.”
As for his goals, he wants to have a “place where people can love living.”
“I’d love to see downtown have families walking all the time,” he said. “I’d love to see our tourist traffic increasing. I’d love to see our problems decreasing, our opioid problem decreasing. I’d love to see kids focus opportunities maybe parents didn’t get.”
Candidate Resume
Name: Peter Hernandez
Age: 43
Career: Business owner
Political Experience: Hollister School District Trustee from 2014-2018

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