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March 28, 2023

Calavera Coffee teams with Farmhouse Café at downtown spot

Calavera Coffee is moving in with Farmhouse Café, and the two businesses are teaming up for a reopening of the location at 615 San Benito St.

Owner Evan Morris opened Calavera Coffee in June at the GardenShoppe, 364 Seventh St. He will now team with Farmhouse, which recently closed for a transformation, and they expect to reopen the second week of October, Morris told San Benito Live.

“We literally rolled everything over like two Fridays ago,” Morris said.

He said in the new location, the coffee shop employees will take orders for both businesses, giving the Farmhouse side an opportunity to focus on kitchen work.

“Obviously, we wanted to be in much more of a cafe setting and kind of extend what we’re doing,” Morris said Thursday. “We’re going to be offering our same coffee menu. Everything on our end is going to be the same.”

He said Farmhouse plans to have a similar menu but “much more streamlined, efficient.”

“We’re going to try to speed up what they’re doing,” he said.

As for the GardenShoppe, Morris was thankful that owner Marci Huston gave him the opportunity there.

“Definitely, we’re super grateful to be able to start there,” Morris said. “Having Marci give us a start was big time for us, but we wanted to grow and we just want to do more.”

-Kollin Kosmicki

Below is video from a Conversations on Art & Culture interview with Evan Morris earlier this year: