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April 14, 2024

B&R letting public pick apricots to celebrate 90 years

Courtesy of B&R Farms:

This summer, B & R Farms is bringing you the unique opportunity to try the rare and endangered Blenheim Apricot, picked fresh by you, right from the tree! In celebration of 90 proud years in business, we welcome you to our Hollister orchards for the chance to soak in blue skies and fresh air, while filling your bucket with the finest Blenheim Apricots.

Although this heirloom variety was once grown in abundance throughout the Santa Clara Valley, urbanization and a risky harvest season have driven the Blenheim Apricot onto Slow Food USA’s Endangered Foods list. Yet, nestled between the Diablo and Gabilan mountain ranges, you can find B & R Farms’ bustling Blenheim Apricot orchard, where warm days and cool nights allow the fruit to flourish. Complex in flavor, the Blenheim Apricot boasts a tart skin that is perfectly balanced by a sugary-sweet flesh. Its beauty and incredible aroma draw you in, even before your first bite.

Pay by the pound and take home your very own bucket of this disappearing gem! B & R Farms U-Pick event will take place from 9am to 2pm on two Saturdays in late June and early July at 5280 Fairview Road in Hollister, California. We’re waiting on Mother Nature to indicate when the apricots will be perfectly ripe for your enjoyment, so check our website, Facebook, and Instagram (@brfarmsllc) in early June for event dates and updates.

Since 1929, B & R Farms has proudly carried on the legacy of preserving the exceptional Blenheim Apricot. Located in Hollister, California B & R Farms is a family-run operation that manages the growing and processing of dried apricots for snacking, preserves, toppings, chocolates, purees, and more. Visit www.brfarms.com for more information, product purchases, family recipes, and event updates.