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May 31, 2023

Barn Sale to feature history at visitors’ fingertips

Are you ready for a truly old-fashioned Barn Sale?
The San Benito County Historical Society this weekend is reviving its tradition of holding barn sales. The society will host a Barn Sale on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Ferrando Barn in the San Benito County Historical Park in the Tres Pinos area.
“We used to do the barn sale — back in ancient history we did it,” said Anita Kane, president of the San Benito County Historical Society. “For some reason, we got busy and stopped doing it.”
She said the goal is to hold the sales two to four times a year. The barn sale Saturday will include vendors in the park’s Dance Hall selling antiques, while the historical society will sell items that don’t necessarily fit its mission, are duplicates, or aren’t pertinent to the county’s history, she said.
“Then we can part company with it with a clear conscience and engage the public,” Kane said.
Proceeds will benefit the historical society. Participants also can “stroll through the village and stop at the Cottage Bar to wet your whistle,” according to an event announcement.
Paul Hain is another director on the society’s board and noted the practical uses of items up for sale.
“I saw a lot of things when we were out at the barn last week that I have hanging out in my barn, too,” Hain said last Thursday.
Kane and Hain said many items can be “repurposed” such as leather for dog leashes or garden art.
Additionally, a live auction will take place at noon, with Becky Thompson as the auctioneer.