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April 14, 2024

Baler STRONG recipients honored for Jan. 7-11

Courtesy of San Benito High School:

San Benito High School teachers, counselors and administrators each week recognize students as Baler STRONG Students of the Week. STRONG is an acronym for Scholarship, Teamwork, Reflection, Opportunity, Nurture and Growth, representing the core values of San Benito High School. Each student earning recognition is presented with a certificate signifying the honor. Here are the recipients for week of Jan. 7-11. The following students were presented with Baler STRONG certificates:

Breanne Rosas was nominated by the AVID Program. Her nomination said: “Breanne constantly exhibits the qualities of AVID. She is diligent, wise beyond her, years and always lends a helping hand. Also, last but not least, academically she soars!” AVID also nominated Joeven Los Banos, stating, “Joeven is incredibly organized and dedicated in regards to his studies and college preparation. He goes above and beyond to strive for success.”

The Science Department nominated Adrian Valderrama, commenting that he “is a great student who is helping promote a culture of inclusion. He is constantly helping to supporting and include our students in group activities.” Patrick Martin from the Science Department nominated Charlie Cabrera, stating, “Charlie is an excellent young man that I have known for four years. Over these four years, he has grown a lot and has made me very proud.”

The Math Department nominated Celeste Nasaire, pointing out on the nomination form that she is “amazing.” The department also nominated Paulina Garcia and included this comment on her nomination: “She is approaching co-teacher status … she is extremely helpful in the class.”