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San Benito
April 16, 2024

Assemblyman Rivas addresses high school ASB convention

Courtesy of San Benito High School:

The annual San Benito High School ASB (Associated Student Body) Convention took place in the school auditorium on Tuesday with 14 candidates for ASB office giving speeches about why they should be elected.

Delegates from every 4th Block classroom listened to the speeches and voted for the top two candidates for each office to appear on the school-wide ballot for the ASB election, scheduled for today during Homeroom.

San Benito High School alumnus and recently-elected Assemblyman Robert Rivas addressed the convention, noting that he recalls his time as senior class president 20 years ago. He told the students that he hopes the “activism on display today will translate to your activism in our community — to you civic engagement in San Benito County and in society.” He encouraged the crowd to “volunteer, join a club, register to vote when you are allowed to” and said that “everyone can contribute something – and your contribution, no matter how minor, will make a difference – do your part.”