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June 22, 2024

Arts Council announces ‘Farm to Your Table’ details

Courtesy of San Benito Arts Council Executive Director Jennifer Laine:

So far, this year has brought unprecedented change and challenge to our everyday lives, to which we can all attest. However, it is precisely in these times of disruption and upheaval that we are able to reflect on what really matters and are given the unique opportunity to innovate and (re)create. Gratitude for family and friends; compassion for our community and neighbors; and working towards a more equitable and just future rise to the top. 

With these values in mind, the Arts Council Board of Directors enthusiastically endorsed keeping traditions alive with our annual Farm to Table Dinner, which brings people together over food, art and community to raise funds for valuable arts education programs throughout San Benito County. Since we cannot convene in person this year, we have shifted this year’s event to a Farm to YOUR Table 3-course pick-up dinner, featuring Becky Herbert of the Farmhouse Café and Mike Fisher of Fisher’s Catering. The dinner will be prepared with locally-sourced, organic food and produce and is available for pick-up at the Farmhouse Café in downtown Hollister from 2-5 pm on Sunday, July 19th. Guests will be treated to a special “artist gift” along with their dinner, and if you have come to past events, you can guess what that surprise might be!

Kind Regards,

Jennifer Laine, Executive Director

For more information on the event, go here.

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