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April 18, 2024

Anzar principal addresses school’s response, plans

Courtesy of Anzar High School Principal Angela Crawley:

Good morning Anzar parents and guardians,

You may have heard by now that Aromas San Juan Unified School District is extending our school closure due to COVID19 through April 9th. April 10-17th will remain Spring Break. We know that this brings about many challenges, questions, and uncertainty for you and we thank you in advance for working with us during these trying times. Anzar teachers have been working around the clock this week to prepare for distance learning in the coming weeks. Some students have even begun working on assignments which are not due until next week! I could not be prouder of the Anzar community this week.

For the most part, instruction will take place online via Google Classroom or School Loop. We are very aware that not all our families have access to devices at home. Students were surveyed last week and anyone indicating that they would need a device in order to work remotely was issued a school laptop. If there are any issues with the laptops, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will be happy to arrange a different laptop. We are also aware that not all our families have access to the internet. For these families, we have been working tirelessly to prepare packets of work for the next three weeks. The packets are as similar as possible to the online assignments. These packets will be ready for pick up on Friday. Please look for a phone call from the school so that we can get the packet to the most convenient pick up spot for you. Some teachers may be issuing work one week at a time as to not overwhelm your students; we will be in contact with families in those cases.

You are probably wondering how this will work at home? We recommend working with your child to set up a daily schedule for distance learning. Assignments will be posted by 8:30am every day in Google Classroom. Find a place in your home that is public with a chair and a table. Monitor your student’s online/digital time. Teachers are posting videos, hosting online “office hours,” responding to emails throughout the day, and will be calling home if needed. Students should be checking their Anzarhs.org emails and School Loop twice a day if possible. Parents and guardians, on Mondays I will be sending out a weekly update on the school closure and distance learning unless we need to reach out to families sooner with pertinent information. Students are required to monitor due dates and submit work on time. Accommodations for students with IEPs or 504s are still in place and will be managed remotely via Google Meet, Zoom, or by phone.

Meals are available for pick up for anyone in the community ages 0-18 (including infants) from 10:30am-12:30pm at both San Juan and Aromas Schools. The child must be in the vehicle to receive a meal.

We want to provide your student with the support that they need whether that is academic, social- emotional, or with regards to technology. Please do not hesitate to email us for assistance and resources. Please continue to communicate with us how to best serve you.


Angela Crawley

Principal, Anzar High School