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June 22, 2024

‘Ancient’ human remains found at Hollister airport

Hollister police Tuesday morning responded to a report of human remains found at the airport, but later confirmed the bone was “very old” and likely ancient. 

Police responded to the report of human remains found at the dog park area of the Hollister Municipal Airport on San Felipe Road at 10:50 a.m. Tuesday. Investigators immediately contacted the Santa Clara County Medical Examiner’s Office to do an analysis and found out the human femur – a thigh bone – was that of an ancient deceased person, Sgt. Don Pershall told San Benito Live. 

Police followed up and also notified an agency that manages ancient Native American burial sites about the discovery. 

“It’s suspected it’s that old and that it’s maybe part of a burial site, something of that nature,” Pershall said. 


Pershall said such discoveries do happen from time to time. Sometimes residents may find such ancient remains while doing renovations – such as digging in a back yard – or something of that sort. He said the age of the femur found at the airport is unclear. 

With Tuesday’s discovery, the police sergeant said someone working on the dog park found the femur, which is a large leg bone. There were no suspicious circumstances involved, he said. 

Pershall said “interestingly enough” it was found in the same area where authorities recently found two old military ordnances and had to have them detonated.