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December 9, 2023

Agenda: SJB council weighs two monthly meetings, wastewater contract

San Juan Bautista City Council are set to meet Tuesday at San Juan Bautista City Hall, 311 Second St., to consider the following:
Approve Affidavits of Posting Public Hearing Notices

  • Community Facilities District (CFD)
  • Garbage Contract
  • Franklin Street Project

Street Closures

  • Jardines Dia de los Muertos Event
  • Double Road Race
  • Williams Ltd Antiques Faire and Rib Cookoff
  • Hollister Rotary Mission 10K Run

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  • Donna Holmes to the Strategic Plan Committee

Presentation of Proclamations

  • Honoring Ron Erickson Posthumously as founder of Early Days at the State Historic Park in San Juan Bautista
  • Honoring 50 Years of AMBAG

Public Hearings

  • Consider the Establishment of the Proposed Community Facilities District: It will include the proposed rate and method of apportionment of the special taxes proposed to be levied within the CFD, and all other matters as set forth in the Resolution of Intention.

Resolutions and ordinances

  • Approve Resolution 2018-XX Forming and Establishing Community Facilities District No. 2018-01 and Authorizing Submittal of the Levy of Special Taxes to the Qualified Electors of the District
  • Approve Resolution 2018-XX of the City Council of the City Of San Juan Bautista Acting in Its Capacity as the Legislative Body of the Community Facilities District No. 2018-01, Declaring the Results of a Special Election in Such Community Facilities District
  • Introduce an Ordinance Authorizing the Levy of a Special Tax in Community Facilities District No. 2018-01

  • Approve Resolution 2018-XX Approving Maximum Allowable Solid Waste Collection Rates effective November 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019.
  • Consider Action on Four Parcels Located on Franklin Street — 10 Franklin Street (APN 002-490-002), 11 Franklin Street (APN 002-340-006 and 002-340-007) and 17 Franklin Street (APN 002-340-003)
  • Motion to introduce an Ordinance Approving a City-Initiated Rezoning of Four Parcels Situated at 11 Franklin Street (APN 002-340-006 and 002-340-007), 17 Franklin Street (APN 002-340-003), and 10 Franklin Street (APN 002-490-002) from Public Facility (PF) District to Mixed-Use (MU) District
  • Consider a Proposed Lot Merge for 11 Franklin Street (APN 002-340-006 and APN 002-340-007) to allow the property owner to reconstruct/restore an accessory building and make interior changes within the main building and outdoor features, along with a motion to approve Resolution 2018-XX Approving a Lot Merge for 11 Franklin Street to Combine the Parcels
  • Consider Resolution Declaring the Existence of a shelter crisis within the City of San Juan Bautista
  • Award of Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator Contract: This would approve Resolution 2018-XX Authorizing the City Manager to sign a service contract with Cypress Water Services for City Wastewater Treatment Plant Operation in the amount of $120,890/yr. with a contingency budget of $20,000.


  • Consider having two city council meetings each month