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San Benito
June 22, 2024

Agenda: Panoche solar project footprint shrinks

San Benito County supervisors will meet at 9 a.m. Tuesday at the San Benito County Administration Building, 481 Fourth St., to consider the following:

  • Approve plans for the Panoche Valley Solar Project to reduce the size of the development footprint. As a result, a conservation easement can be recorded at this time, rather than upon decommissioning of the project. Documents list the development footprint area at 2,054 acres and an updated figure of 1,139 acres. It’s the latest after years of legal battles between environmental groups and the solar project developer over the facility’s size. For more on the matter, go here.
  • Approve Amendment No. 2 with Colantuono, Highsmith & Whatley, PC for legal services in the additional amount of $85,000 for a total contract amount not to exceed $97,000. According to the agenda: Colantuono, Highsmith & Whatley (hereinafter “Colantuono”) previously represented the County in litigation now being handled by Porter Scott in Sacramento. ┬áThe case was transferred to Porter Scott when the matter was potentially being covered by insurance. However, insurance coverage for this litigation has been denied, and it is recommended that Michael Colantuono’s office resume responsibility for representing the County in this matter.
  • Approve out-of-state travel for Librarian Nora Conte to attend the 2018 American Library Association Conference in New Orleans from June 20-26.
  • Approve agreement between San Benito County HHS and the City of Salinas for a non-entitlement emergency solutions grant for $190,801.
  • Approve contract among Workforce Development Boards in San Francisco, the City of Sunnyvale, San Benito County and San Jose to condut training for $200,000.
  • Approve use of reimbursement agreements for developments and OK use of a reimbursement agreement with Angels LLC for a pending project at Ridgemark.
  • Adopt Board Resolution Certifying County Maintained Road Mileage for year 2018.
  • Approve agreement with Justice Benefits, Inc., (JBI) for a period of four (4) years, July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2022, to assist in identifying federal, state, and other revenue sources including the continued assistance with the State Criminal Alien Assistance Program (SCAAP) cost recovery. According to the agenda: In March 2006 the County entered into a contract with JBI to assist in identifying cost recovery opportunities for federally mandated programs that the county is providing at local cost. Since the inception of the program, the county has received $786,808. JBI received 22% of the recovered amount totalling $173,097.76 for a net of $613,710.24.
  • Hold Public Hearing and Adopt Resolution Imposing a Fee/Tax Assessment in FY2018-19 for utilities and services provided to County Service Areas. According to the agenda: County Service Area Nos. 16 (Holliday Estates), 21 (Long Acres), 22 (Cielo Vista), 23 (Rancho San Joaquin), 24 (Santa Ana Acres), 28 (Heatherwood/Foxhill), 31 (Stonegate), 34 (Ausaymas Estates), 35 (Union Heights), 42 (Lemmon Acres), 46 (Quail Hollow), 47 (Oak Creek), 48 (Dry Creek), 50 (Dunneville), 51 (Comstock), 53 (Riverview), 54 (Pacheco Creek Estates), 55 (Creekside 6), and 2015-01 (Santana Ranch CFD) are the consumers of various services provided by the County. ┬áThese services vary among the different CSA/CFDs but may include water and wastewater treatment, storm drainage maintenance, road maintenance, landscape maintenance, utilities, and certain other governmental services. Each year, a Public Hearing is conducted and a resolution adopted implementing the applicable fees/taxes on CSA/CFDs as found in the Fee/Tax Report
  • Receive report on proposed construction of a new Behavioral Health office building. There are two options: Option A: Have architectural consultant proceed with modular construction technique plans. Estimated total project budget of $5,992,139. Option B: Have architectural consultant proceed with conventional construction technique plans. Estimated total project budget of $8,753,117. Read more on the numbers here in this PDF: SBC_Mental_Health_-_Project_Analysis_4-30-18_DRAFT