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June 22, 2024

Agenda: County weighs cannabis law, employee bonuses

Among the items on the San Benito County Board agenda Tuesday is the long-awaited cannabis ordinance and consideration of a program to weigh applicants.
The ordinance consideration is among items for the 9 a.m. meeting at the San Benito County Administration Building, 481 Fourth St.
Supervisors will consider an ordinance allowing and regulating commercial and manufacturing cannabis operations, but banning retail dispensary shops.
The ordinance will set guidelines for cultivation, manufacturing, lab testing, distribution, microbusinesses and delivery out of county.
In other items, supervisors will also consider:
Plaque to outgoing Board Chairman Botelho
The board will present Chairman Anthony Botelho a plaque for his year of service as the county board chairman.
Certificate to outgoing Planning Commissioner Pierce
Planning Commissioner Ray Pierce will receive a certificate for his eight years on the panel.
Report on impact fees from 2013-14-present
County Administration Officer Ray Espinosa will present an annual report on impact fees over the past five years.
Employee bonuses
County employees under the plan would each receive $1,000 respective bonuses. The staff report says it is to help mitigate benefit cost increases. It is expected to cost the county a total of $250,000.
CSUMB Launchpad Incubator
This would approve and sign letter to express our support for the California, State University Monterey Bay’s LaunchPad Incubator proposal to the U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA). According to the agenda: This proposal to provide incubation services would increase the successful formation of new ventures in the region.
Accept official canvass statement of the vote for General Election
The county board’s approval would finalize results for the 2018 General Election.
Gavilan program at jail
According to the agenda: The Community Corrections Partnership (CCP) Local Action Plan includes funds for the operation of the Community Transition Center (CTC) and the San Benito County Jail to assist and support individuals in their reentry into the community from the criminal justice system. The “Gavilan College Noncredit Program” provides educational counseling support for students at both the San Benito County Jail and the CTC. This work entails meeting with students to identify their educational and career goals and potential barriers. Counseling work includes the development of an educational plan and regular check-ins with the students.  The program supports the students in their transition to Gavilan College credit courses and will conduct workshops for participants on a variety of topics including education and preparation back into the workforce. Gavilan College will provide the county with statistical reporting on tracking the students. The county will refer potential students for participation in the student support and instructional services.
Code enforcement help
This would approve a contract amendment with 4-Leaf Inc. adding $250,000 to the existing contract to pay for code enforcement and planning management services. According to the agenda: On May 8, 2018 the county entered into a contract with 4-Leaf Inc. to provide professional building inspection and plan check services.  There has been an increased need for code enforcement throughout the county which exceeds current staffs ability to respond in a timely way. 4-Leaf will provide professional code enforcement services until the end of the fiscal year.
Architectural services for new Behavioral Health Building
This would approve a contract with Hibser-Yamauchi Architects for architectural services for the new Behavioral Health Building project for $322,431.00 from December 11, 2018 through December 31, 2020.
Plans, specs for new Behavioral Health Building
This would adopt plans and specifications for the New Behavioral Health Center Modular Bid project and authorize the advertising for bids. According to the agenda: Bids will be received in January and will come back to the board for award in February. Once the modular component contract is awarded, the architect can continue with completing the construction documents. It is anticipated that bidding for the remainder of the project will occur in September 2019 with a target to complete construction of the project by June 2020.
Office furniture at homeless shelter
Approve purchase of office furniture from Pivot Interiors in the amount of $61,765 for Phase II of the Homeless Services Center using CDBG grant funds.
For the full agenda, go here.