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San Benito
June 21, 2024

Agenda: Council to review McCarthy Park emblem design

The new Hollister City Council will meet for the first time Monday at Hollister City Hall, 375 Fifth St., to consider the following:
Contract for McCarthy Park Artwork
The city will approve a design contract for $1,000 with Ray Darr for an emblem to be placed on the water tower at McCarthy Park. The project in cooperation with the San Benito County ARts Council includes design for a powder-coated steel emblem to be placed under the water tower at the new McCarthy Park splash pad.
There were 10 submissions received, and Darr’s design of three children playing superimposed on a tree was selected unanimously. The agenda report notes how he grew up in the neighborhood near McCarthy Park and graduated from San Benito High School.
His application states: “When I think of my home town of Hollister, I think of all the beautiful oak trees that I have played in and relaxed under. The silhouettes of the children are leaping with joy because they are so excited to play in such a remarkable park.”
The City of Hollister is spending $2.8 million on an overhaul of McCarthy Park that includes $660,000 from a state grant.
Ballistic barrier for animal shelter
This would allow the city to purchase a previously approved ballistic barrier for the Hollister Animal Shelter at 1331 South St. from KTM Enterprises for $40,552. It is for safety at the shelter and to allow the facility to stay open later when limited staff is available. The barrier will include bullet-resistant doors and fiberglass.
Annexation agreement
The city will consider approving an annexation agreement between the City of Hollister and Villa San Felipe Realty LLC. It is a 13.99-acre parcel located south of the Highway 25 bypass, east of San Felipe Road  and west of North Chappell Road.
Appointment of Information Systems & Technology Director
The city will appoint Information Systems Manager Paul Da Silva to the role of Information Systems & Technology Director and will pay him a starting salary of $153,000 with 5 percent annual pay increases under his contract.
Pinnacles Gateway Retreat
The council will receive a report on a Pinnacles Partners Strategic Planning Retreat held Nov. 15 at Bolado Park.
Downtown parking ad hoc committee
The council will consider placing two members on an ad hoc committee to review downtown parking.
Committee appointments
The council will ratify the mayor’s appointments to various committees such as the Council of San Benito County Governments and many others.