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San Benito
February 20, 2024

Agenda: City weighs manager pay hikes, Junior Warriors, cannabis, bike lane

Hollister City Council members will meet at 6:30 p.m. Monday at Hollister City Hall, 375 Fifth St., to consider the following:
Management contracts
Council members will consider new contracts with Fire Chief Bob Martin Del Campo, Police Chief David Westrick, Management Services Director Mike Chambless and Administrative Services Director Brett Miller. The managers are in line to receive respective 5 percent annual pay increases this year, in 2019 and 2020. Martin Del Campo is set to make a base salary of $153,000 with a 5 percent increase in the first pay period of the contract. Westrick will make $167,000 as a base salary this year with a 5 percent hike in the first pay period. Chambless is set to make $153,000 this year with the same 5 percent pay increase in the first period. And Miller’s base pay is listed at $153,000 with a 5 percent hike in the first pay period of the contract, according to the city agenda.
Junior Warriors Program
Appropriate $9,500 for the Junior Warriors Program. Accordign to the city agenda: The Hollister Recreation Department offers several no-cost programs and activities to the youth in our community. Treat Streets, Breakfast with Santa, HITS Tennis, Junior Giants and the newest no cost program 49er Prep Flag Football. Staff has determined with the funding of the Junior Warrior program, the city would further the city’s recreation purpose by providing family fun through quality recreational activities that enrich the community and improve the quality of life. Staff recommends we continue to build community by offering the Junior Warriors Basketball program at no cost.
Subdivision agreement
This item will approve the Subdivision Improvement Agreement for Los Pinars Subdivision, a conditionally approved residential development consisting of 15 lots for single family residential, 26 lots for townhomes, 1 lot for 44 apartment units, and 1 lot for road/common space area, and will authorize the execution of the agreement for the improvement of associated infrastructure requirements.
Re-Striping of Meridean Street
Resolution approving a supplemental appropriation which includes a contingency amount of $10,000 for a total supplemental appropriation not to exceed $85,000 from fund 304 Traffic Impact Fees for the Re-Striping of Meridian Street between Highway 25 and Memorial Drive
Cienega Road Traffic Calming
Staff recommends that the City Council ADOPT a Resolution to accept the bids received, award the contract, and authorize the City Manager to execute the supplemental appropriation and the contract with Golden Bay Construction
Tentative map for planned unit development
A performance agreement between the City of Hollister and Stewart Fahmy California Land Development for Tentative Map No. 2018-1, Site & Architectural Review No. 2018-5, and Conditional Use Permit No. 2018-1 for a Planned Unit Development identified as Thotus Park,
Block grant administration contract
The City Council will consider awarding a contract to the Adams Ashby Group of Sacramento, CA to provide Consulting Services for Grant Administration of the 2017 Community Development Block Grant.
Traffic signals at West Street, B Street
The City Council will receive and adopt the Traffic Control Device Warrant Analysis prepared by Pinnacle Traffic Engineering and will approve the installation of two stop signs at the intersection of West Street and B Street to make the intersection an “all-way” stop at that intersection.
Design for Water Reclamation Recreation Facility for $750,000
In April of 2018, the City Council of the City of Hollister directed staff to release a RFQ for the design of the Water Reclamation Recreation Facility. The process is complete and staff recommends that the City Council appropriate the funds from Fund 205 and execute an agreement with Kimley-Horn and Associates to complete this design for an amount not to exceed $750,000.
Radar speed signs
Approve $15,000 to purchase five radar speed signs to be installed throughout the city.
Hollister police training program
The Hollister Police Department would like to actively promote wellness and health with each of its employees. The department would like to try a pilot completely voluntary program through Pinnacle Training Systems that assesses fitness and provides health promotion for staff.
Hollister police staffing study
The Police Department needs a staffing study to determine future staffing needs, scheduling and personnel assignments. This request is to develop a Request for Quote (RFQ) and award the lowest, qualified bidder.
Fire protection contracts with county, San Juan
Staff has prepared contracts to provide continuing fire protection services to San Benito County and San Juan Bautista.
Appointments to Youth Committee
Consider ratifying Jovita Rivera and Kate Wilbur by consensus appointments to the Hollister Youth Committee.
Bicycle Lane on Central Avenue
The council will receive a report from Staff regarding the Active Transportation Program (ATP) Cycle 3 grant award for Complete Streets and Safe Connections for West Hollister and sharing community feedback from neighborhood meetings regarding a design concept for a Class II bike lane on Central Avenue between Bridgevale Road and La Machia Court and Westside Boulevard and Line Street.
Biker Rally report
Council Member Mickie Luna requested a report on a prospective 2019 Hollister Motorcycle Rally.
Second Medical Cannabis Dispensary
The City of Hollister received two applications for the second medical cannabis dispensary. City Council will provide direction on moving forward with staff’s recommendation or conduct a lottery. Staff recommends that the City Council direct staff to work with Higher Level of Care and prepare all necessary documents for the permitting process of the Medical Cannabis Dispensary.