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March 28, 2023

Agenda: Cannabis permit, subdivision, airport restaurant on council’s plate

Hollister City Council members will meet at 6:30 p.m. Monday at Hollister City Hall, 375 Fifth St., to consider the following:

  • Task order with Sage Renewables for negotiation of a Solar Photo Voltaic (PV) power purchase agreement contract buyout related to the contract with Clear SpotEnergy at the sewer poind and a supplemental appropriation of $50,000.
  • Approve an additional $501,899 to construct the approved McCarthy Park.
  • Accept the McCarthy Park construction bids and awarding the contract for $2,778,894.30 to Perma-Green Hydroseeding Inc.
  • Resolution approving the Subdivision Improvement Agreement for the Maple Park Subdivision on North Chappell Road and authorizing the execution of the agreement for the improvements with Maple Park, LLC. This item is a conditionally approved residential development consisting of 49 single-family units, and will authorize the execution of the agreement for the improvement of associated infrastructure requirements.


  • Resolution to approve a new fully funded Utility Manager classification.
  • Staff is seeking direction to issue a request for qualifications to select a restaurateur to enter into a lease for the renovated restaurant.
  • Approve plans and specifications and authorize staff to call for sealed bids for the Airport and GLP Lift Station Upgrade Project.
  • Authorize a stipulation with Hillcrest Meadows, LLC, Duran’s Paving Rentals, Inc., and Hudson Insurance Company to release a lien against the Hillcrest Meadows subdivision.
  • Authorize the release of a request for qualification for the environmental review pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) for development projects.
  • Allow the City of Hollister Fire Department to establish a budget and purchase Mobile Data Terminal Mounts and Cradle Point 4G Routers to install in emergency response equipment. The terminals and the software will centralize the department by linking all major apparatus directly to Netcom’s computer aided dispatch system.
  • Approve new and revised User Fees for Services provided by the City of Hollister Building Department.
  • Consider conditionally approving a cannabis use permit/development agreement for Fallon Farms, LLC to operate a cultivation facility at 90 Fallon Road.
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  • Establish an in-lieu parking fee for properties located within the downtown area. Parking in-lieu fee allows development projects or conversion of uses to pay a designated fee (in-lieu fee) if providing off-street parking is not met as they are required by the zoning code. The purpose of the in-lieu parking fee is not to impose an additional fee or burden on development, but to provide an alternative for projects having difficulty meeting minimum requirements on-site due to space constraints, financial feasibility, or both. As such, the in-lieu parking fee can be seen as an economic development tool, facilitating otherwise unfeasible projects.
  • Agreement between the City of Hollister and San Benito County Arts Council for the Dunne Park Bench Project.
  • Gavilan College is seeking approval of Measure X in November 2018. The measure is a facilities bond that will improve and repair existing facilities and create new academic opportunities. Gavilan President Dr. Kathleen Rose will present a report and be available for questions.
  • Staff recommends that the City Council receive the report, direct staff to withdraw the City of Hollister ATP Cycle 3 application for Complete Streets and Safe Connections for West Hollister and direct staff to return with reports regarding recommendations for traffic calming on Central Avenue and use of matching Local Transportation and Regional Surface Program Transportation Funds committed with the West Gateway Streetscape Beautification Project.