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San Benito
July 13, 2024

After water leak, library won’t open until at least Monday

Local residents will have to wait until at least Monday to use the San Benito County Free Library after water damage from a broken valve prompted a closure.

The library has been closed since Wednesday night when the issue arose. Edgar Nolasco, a deputy county administrative officer, told San Benito Live there was a leak Wednesday from the bathroom. When someone tried to fix it, a valve broke and caused “huge amounts of water” to gush out.

County-hired plumbers have been working to resolve the issue, and Nolasco noted how there have been dehumidifiers and fans running to speed up the drying process and prevent any mold issues.

“We’re hoping to be open Monday with normal operating hours,” said Nolasco, adding how the library won’t open Saturday as some had hoped.

He said the leak is in the front of the library near the entrance, causing damage to walls and the floor.

He said crews might have to cut some drywall and that the cost is likely to run roughly $5,000-$10,000.

Friends of the Library Board President Susan Logue said earlier Friday that there had been a recent spike in bathroom usage at the county library, apparently from residents who don’t have access to other restrooms.