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San Benito
February 20, 2024

Sheriff’s office urges for explosive, drug charges in bomb case

The San Benito County Sheriff’s Office released more details in the arrest of 31-year-old Ansley Godoy, accused of possessing a homemade bomb in a local apartment and other charges.

After Godoy’s arrest, the sheriff’s office recommended charges to the district attorney of possession of an explosive in a home, manufacturing or possessing a zip gun (an improvised firearm), possession of a controlled substance, and possession of unlawful paraphernalia, according to booking records.

The felony explosive possession charge alone could get him up to six years in prison, according to the penal code.

Godoy remained in custody at the San Benito County Jail as of Friday morning, sheriff’s Capt. Eric Taylor confirmed. His bail was listed at $100,000 for the explosives charge.

Godoy turned himself in last Monday, three days after authorities found and detonated a homemade bomb they say came from Godoy’s apartment in the 700 block of Nash Road.

Authorities prior to last weekend believed Godoy may had fled to the Modesto area. He showed up in the sheriff’s office lobby Monday night to turn himself in.

Sheriff’s deputies served a search warrant at his home in the 700 block of Nash Road on Jan. 11 and found a homemade explosive. The local sheriff’s office called in contracted help from the Monterey County Sheriff’s Office Bomb Squad, which detonated the bomb that morning in a field at the corner of Nash Road and Homestead Avenue.

Godoy had been living in the apartment building with his mother about a block or two from the San Benito High School campus. Authorities said his mother had been cooperative.

The sheriff’s office emphasized that San Benito High School was not in danger at anytime, although the edge of the campus was about a block and a half from the field at Nash and Homestead where authorities detonated the bomb, which let off a jolting noise in the neighborhood.