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San Benito
June 21, 2024

Public art benches installed at Dunne Park

The San Benito County Arts Council last week installed two of four public art benches commissioned for Dunne Park.

It’s part of a broader effort to enliven the park near downtown Hollister. The arts council is coming to the end of its two-year “Activate Dunne Park” partnership with the City of Hollister and funded by a grant.

“We’ve done a number of park improvements and arts programming just to really enliven the park,” said Jennifer Laine, executive director of the nonprofit organization.

The benches bring an artistic touch to Dunne Park. The creative benches were placed at different ends of the park Thursday by the artist who made them, Colin Selig. They joined three baseball-shaped benches in the ball field area of Dunne Park made by artist Nancy Lovendahl.

One of the Selig benches represents the fault line that runs through the park area, there’s a “Wave” bench coming toward the end of June.

Laine noted how it’s part of broader efforts to improve the park through public art and programming. The arts council hosts Dance at Dunne on Friday nights, and other events are coming up there like Movies in the Park.

Photos courtesy of the San Benito County Arts Council

Jennifer Laine, Colin Selig and the city’s Mike Chambless with one of the new benches.