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May 25, 2024

Election 2018: New count helps candidates solidify leads

With 1,375 more ballots counted Friday evening of the remaining 9,500 or so remaining, some races’ front-runners solidified their leads while other races tightened.
The elections office counted 1,375 more ballots Friday of the remaining 9,500 or so ballots needing to be tallied yet. Through Tuesday, the office had tallied 11,449 ballots, or around 55 percent of the total. Through Friday, the office counted 12,824 or about 61 percent of the total.
Most glaringly, the new count amounted to District 3 county supervisor candidate Peter Hernandez extending his lead over Pat Loe, the pro-Measure G sales tax side getting a slight increase to its lead, a Gavilan College Board race front-running maintaining her advantage, the third of three San Juan council candidates extending her lead, and the race for the third and final spot on the Hollister School Board remaining tight.
The following are the latest vote counts for relatively close races in San Benito County:
Gavilan College Board Area 7
Irma Gonzalez had 42.94 percent to 40.45 percent for Michael Alcorn and 16.6 percent for Jason Hopkins, who dropped from the race. Gonzalez had 2,209 votes to 2,081 for Alcorn.
Hollister School Board
Carla Torres-Deluna had 22.1 percent. Stephen Kain had 20.3 percent. Jan Grist had 19 percent. Pat Moore had 17.8 percent. Grist led Moore with 3,278 votes to 3,084.
District 3 County Supervisor
Peter Hernandez extended his lead over Pat Loe. Hernandez had 52.8 percent to 47.2 percent for Loe. Hernandez had 1,033 votes to 922 for Loe.
San Juan Bautista City Council
Cesar Flores and Leslie Jordan look like shoe-ins for two of three spots. Mary Vazquez Edge leads fourth-place contender Harold Gomes now with 21.6 percent to 18 percent, or 215 votes to 179 votes.
Measure G sales tax
The yes side for Measure G, the 1 percent sales tax over 30 years to repair roads, slightly extended its lead to 68 percent. The measure needs 66.67 percent for approval. There are 8,469 yes votes to 3,982 no votes.
Measure X Gavilan College bond
The proposed $248 million facilities bond in the district had 58.1 percent approval when combining San Benito and Santa Clara counties’ numbers, while needing 55 percent for passage. Santa Clara County is about 61 percent finished, and San Benito County is about 61 percent finished with its counts.
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