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March 25, 2023

Machado reflects on campaign after loss in mayor’s race

Mayoral runner-up Gordon Machado reflected on his run for the position and a career in local politics Wednesday after his defeat on Election Day.
Machado acknowledged disappointment and shock, but also said he’s “licking his wounds” and moving on to focus on other endeavors, such as taking part in a job growth committee locally.
“I was a little disappointed at the end,” Machado said. “It was a little bit of a shocker. Obviously, you’re anticipating the best.”
He went on: “The bad thing is, the politics are different now than they were in my day 20 years ago or so. It’s a negative campaign. It seems like you have to go negative.”
Machado called it a “pain in the butt” having to go out and regularly repair damaged signs and having people on the street make false claims, such as saying he’s a growth monger.
He admitted it was hard to deal with allegations from opponent Ignacio Velazquez and members of the public that he was accepting thousands of dollars from developers when he said he was, in fact, turning them down. He lamented being called the poster boy for developers.
“I’m a balanced growther,” he said.
As for his potential future in politics after decades serving as a city councilman and on the local hospital board, Machado said he’s finished.
“No, to do it again? No,” he said. I have no desire to run again.”
He’s also served on such public government panels as the planning commission and airport commission, on which he’s a current member who’s term is up next month. He doesn’t expect to request a return to incoming Councilwoman Honor Spencer, who appoints to that seat.
Instead, Machado wants to focus a lot of his time on the Independent Committee for San Benito County Job Growth spearheaded by Teknova Chief Financial Officer Richard Goozh.
“I think that’s been needed for years,” he said.