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San Benito
May 25, 2024

Election 2018: Measure G sales tax hike remains close contest

It’s a tight result so far for the Measure G sales tax proposal.
There were 67.90% percent of voters in favor and 32.10% percent against it after the latest results were released at about 9:30 p.m. The measure needs at least 66.67 percent of the vote for approval so it is still very much in play.
If approved, the measure would increase the sales tax throughout San Benito County by 1 percent over the next 30 years. That means in Hollister, it would go from 8.25 percent to 9.25 percent in order to raise about $16 million annually over the next three decades.
The vote count right now is 6,112 in favor to 2,890 against, according to the recent results.
The measure would fund road repairs in the county and has been touted as a funding source to help widen Highway 25 in San Benito County.
To see the latest results, go here.