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February 27, 2024

Donations needed for My Father’s House, Worth Saving store

My Father’s House and the associated Worth Saving thrift store are both closed, but a local woman who helps to run the organizations said they still could use donations to get by. 

Linda Lampe said the two organizations proactively closed even before the shelter in place orders. 

My Father’s House at 910 Monterey St. is what Lampe calls a “launch pad” for residents in need where they are provided showers and food. Worth Saving at 101 Fifth St. is a thrift store, with proceeds going to their ministry and service center. 

“The reason we did that was an abundance of caution,” Lampe said of the closures. 

The closures, meanwhile, haven’t stopped the Lampes from doing their good work. They have been helping local families in need and also willing to drop off hot plates for residents. Lampe also asked restaurants or others to donate to-go containers if they might have extras, because otherwise they are using paper plates and foil for the deliveries. 

As for donations in general, Lampe said the organizations are 501c3 nonprofits. They are setting up a Paypal account, but for now prospective donors can send donations to: 

Hollister Community Outreach

910 Monterey St., Ste. 215-A

Hollister 95023

Lampe said they still have rent to pay for the two locations.

“I literally have no income,” Lampe said. “We’re totally dependent on donations. We have plenty of food.” 

Lampe said other supplies donations that would be helpful include gloves, sanitizer, toilet paper and laundry soap.