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May 25, 2024

City removing hazardous weeds from local properties

The City of Hollister is having nuisance weeds removed from 158 properties as part of an annual process meant to help prevent fire danger in the area.

It’s the start of wildfire season on the Central Coast, and weed removal is just one of the prevention methods undertaken by local government.

The list of properties went before the Hollister City Council last week, just in time for the start of the fire danger season, along with an outside contract to have the nuisance weeds removed.

Each year, the city puts out a list of nuisance properties due to overgrown weeds, which can be a fire danger. The city warns property owners beforehand. The city then bills them for the work, in the form of a lien on the properties, if the weeds aren’t taken down by a certain time.

Last Monday, the city held a public hearing for any objections to the weed abatement list and hired the contractor, Long’s Custom Discing. Nobody spoke out during the public hearing.

The city’s deal with Long’s is for two years, while the financial impact is listed at $10,000.

To see the properties on this year’s weed abatement list, click here: Weed Abatement