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March 28, 2023

Chamber CEO resigns after four months on job

San Benito County Chamber of Commerce CEO Candace Ledesma resigned Tuesday from her post.
Ledesma took on the role as chamber CEO at the start of July, or about four months ago.
Chamber Board Chairman Victor Gomez said the resignation was unexpected.
“It was unexpected. That’s for sure,” said Gomez. “We were really impressed by Candace’s work. She did a really good job. Even though she was with us for a short time, she sparked and energized a lot of the business community.”
Ledesma could not be reached immediately Thursday to discuss her decision. Ledesma in July succeeded former San Benito County Chamber CEO Juli Vieira, who left for the same role in Sausalito.
Gomez noted how the chamber board will meet Monday to discuss a transition and said there is consideration to bring on an interim CEO for the job.
“We’re going to obviously decide on the next steps and that’s what we’re doing (Monday),” Gomez said.
The chamber CEO handles day-to-day management of the organization and manages the organization’s 380 members. It involves a lot of networking, such as organizing mixer events and other gatherings.
“This isn’t the Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce,” Gomez said. “This is San Benito County. It’s more networking than anything.”
Gomez said it’s also important that the chamber CEO is well connected with the city and county staffs.
As for the prospect of an interim CEO, Gomez said there is some concern with the current timing, with the holidays approaching. That is a reason why an interim may make sense, he said.