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April 16, 2024

Buena Vista affordable apartments first for city in years

CHISPA is constructing a new 41-unit affordable housing development in Hollister.

Buena Vista Apartments is located at 810 Buena Vista Road. Construction was anticipated to be completed in
March of 2017. The apartments will be rented to low-income families.

They will be the first affordable apartment complex to be built in Hollister in years. CHISPA  financed this in partnership with the County of Monterey and the City of Hollister, plus private financing, according to Dana Cleary, director of real estate development for CHISPA.  

For affordable housing like this, more people will apply than we have apartments to rent, so our main goal is to be sure  as many people as possible know about the property, so everyone has an equal opportunity to apply for housing there.

Four of the apartments will be reserved for homeless individuals referred to us by the County Office of Behavioral Health.  The rest will be for families.

CHISPA is accepting applications. All applications received during this period will then be sorted by a random selection process to establish order for the application review. For more information on the application process, call CHISPA at (831) 757-6254, or go to CHISPA’s website at www.chispahousing.org.

Applications can be submitted to CHISPA in person at the Salinas or Hollister offices, by email, fax or mail.